Ilka Sternberger

Ilka has been teaching creative dance, sports and gymnastics,
as well as mothering and educational parenting groups for 25years in Europe and the USA, most currently through the YWCA in Santa Monica. She has been teaching German parenting and toddler groups since May 2004, and worked as a breastfeeding specialist at the Pump Station in Santa Monica. Since 2007 she has been supporting new parents as a Dona certified postpartum doula.

Ilka has studied early childhood education at Santa Monica College and participated in non-violent communication and conflict resolution workshops and trainings.

Ilka lives with her daughter Yana in Marina del Rey, California.

Her passion is to support families and their babies to flourish into connected children and adults.


UCLA Certified Lactation Specialist

Dona International Certified Postpartum Doula

Certified Sports, Gymnastic and Movement Expression Teacher.